Charger 1969

Possibly the best mopar ever built, There were 5 major types of dodge chargers built in 1969, you had a regular charger, a charger R/T (road and track), a charger R/T SE (Special Edition), a charger 500 and a charger daytona (the wonderful winged car built for the nascar circuit). The Charger was left virtually untouched. They added a center grille divider, and recessed taillights. The backup lights moved to below the rear bumper. The options remained the same, except there was a SE package that was available on the base and R/T's the package included leather front seats along with simulated wood on the dash and steering wheel. The Charger 500, with a Coronet grille and a flush rear window, was built by Creative Industries; 500 were sold in accordance with NASCAR rules. It was a match for Ford's new aerodynamic racing models, but was not overwhelming. Chrysler had an ace up their sleave, though: the product of expensive wind tunnel testing, the Charger Daytona included a massive rear spoiler and an aero nose. No other car could match it on the track (in top speed), with its standard 440 and optional Hemi. However, its looks, notable today, were not appreciated in 1969.