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                                        Mopar -- The only way to fly!

                                It takes a mopar to catch a mopar!
                                                Burn baby, burn!!
                                  I detailed my taillights just for you
                               A Honda with "noss" still gathers moss.
                                      Too many cars...too little time!
                If you've ever finished first, you could be Dodge material
                                      If it isn't a mopar, it isn't a car! 
                  If you can't run with the big dogs......stay on the porch
                                      Hemi, the word in itself is scary
                            There is no replacement for displacement
                  only 2 things get my attention...gasoline and perfume...
                                       All muscle cars ARE mopars!!!
                                      Born and bred in MOPARLAND
                         If you don't like my driving, stay of the sidewalk!
                     My wife? yes. My dog? maybe. My dodge? NEVER!!!!!!!
                                     Lesson no. 1: mopar or no car!